Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann

1 Mrs Ryan's/Dan Mack's/Little Diamond MP3 26kb
2 The Brown Bog/The Mill Pond/Old Joe MP3 26kb
3 Down The Broom/Over the Moor to Maggie MP3 28kb
4 Genevieve's Waltz/Send a Letter to my Mother MP3 60kb
5 Kerry Slides No.1/No.2/No.3 MP3 19kb
6 Clonakilty Reel/Come West Along the Road MP3 30kb
7 Tripping Upstairs/Connachman's Rambles/The Maid on the Green MP3 26kb
8 Rose Tree/Galway City/All the Way to Galway/Finnegan's Wake MP3 23kb
9 The Wearing of the Green/Roddy McCauley/Kelly, the Boy From Killann MP3 26kb
10 Donal O'Connor's Polka No.1/No.2/No.3 MP3 25kb
11 Raglan Road MP3 200kb
12 The Silver Spear/Merry Blacksmith/The Longford Collector MP3 29kb
13 West Claire Jig/Dingle Regatta/Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife MP3 48kb
14 The Brown Chest/Callaghans MP3 33kb
15 Buachaill on Eirne/Fanny Power MP3 83kb
16 Reevey's Reel/Over the Hill/Micho Russell's Reel MP3 28kb
17 Skipabout/Sixpenny Money/The Munster Buttermilk MP3 26kb
18 Old Claddah Ring/Come Back Paddy Riley to Ballyjamesduff/The Black Velvet Band MP3 59kb
19 Sweeney's Polka /Murphy's Polka/Hannah's Polka MP3 25kb
20 The Hole in the Hedge/Seamus Cooley's MP3 27kb
21 Swinging on the Gate/Cronin's Reel MP3 28kb

This album is available by mail order for just $15 Australian including postage and packing. Send your cheque or postal order payable to Comhaltas, and your postal details to:
PO box 5113, Alphington, Victoria 3078, Australia.

Featuring: Kathleen Harte, Jimmy Nash, Paddy O'Neill, Joan Mundy, Ray Mundy, Teresa Cronin, Paddy McKeown, Laszlo Fristaczki, Eric Robinson, Michael Westward, Jill Vaughan, Ron Lewis, Deidre Burggraaf, Matthew Vaughan, Kiera Burggraaf, Bill Pettigrove, Tom Kimmett, Jimmy Baillie, Neil Andrew, Henry Pavis, David Thiessen.

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