Cudgewa Gavotte

A Tune written by Mr Ted Konig

Ted Konig, a member of the Victorian Folk Music Club, composed a tune called the "Cudgewa Gavotte". This was stimulated by Ted attending the Nariel Folk Festival in North East Victoria, Australia. The tune subsequently won the music composition competition at the 2001 National Folk Festival in Canberra.

It was unfortunate that Ted was unable to be present at the Festival's closing concert, where he could have performed the music personally. He nominated friends Bill Buttler (guitar), Harry Gardner (fiddle), Henry Gardner (fiddle) and Steve Bullock (recorder) to perform on his behalf.

For those of you who missed the National, or would like to know how Ted intended the music to be played, we now have a recording of Ted playing the Cudgewa Gavotte on piano.

This recording is provided for personal review only. Ted Konig asserts his copyright over the composition and this recorded performance. Commercial enquiries can be addressed via Jeeves Audio Services.

Cudgewa Gavotte 2min 46sec. MP3 325kb WMA 251kb

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