1 Smart Bombs, Dumb Politicians MP3 57kb
2 Unfinished Business MP3 269kb
3 My Pussy Cat Keeps Peeing on the Carpet MP3 77kb
4 I Am the Very Model of a Modern Foreign Minister MP3 110kb
5 Dad's Clothes MP3 180kb
6 Elvis is Alive MP3 117kb
7 September 11 MP3 113kb
8 The War Without a Name MP3 196kb
9 Sorry Song MP3 67kb
10 Road Train MP3 95kb
11 Lost Children of the Empire MP3 257kb
12 Vasectomy Song MP3 66kb
13 Nobody Should Have to Go Through This MP3 142kb
14 Landlubbers' Shanty MP3 60kb
15 The Butterfly Effect MP3 182kb

This album is available from Bruce Watson.

Featuring: Bruce Watson, Claire Peters, Anthea Sidiropoulos, Janine Lancaster, Brian Strating, Lyndal Chambers, Chris Lazzaro, Gus Rigby, Neil Adam, Darryl Thompson, David Diprose, Gavan McCarthy, Stephen Wright, Peter Vadiveloo, special guests, The Great Southern Band.

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