I Know Now

By: Free Spirit Placenta

There's children drooping dead just to keep me free
but I'm not convinced that it's really for me
but I know now there's accumulation to protect
& yes I know now why you are easily erect
& yes I know now that you like to keep it in the family

Lying crooked smile 'saddam has gotta go'
well it must be true cos the tv told me so now
can't you smell a rat in a suit?
& I know we don't ask questions only shoot
don't you know now that there's more than just your head in the sand

Children charged guilty for their innocence
the rule of law is void because we hate their governments
& I know now ad machines run the war campaign
yes I know now that's how you paint them all the same
& don't you know now another product packaged purchased & disposed

Spit your spears of illigitimacy
whenever there's talk of sovereignty
so this is the 'end of history'(1)
& this is how to spread democracy

Blownout brains and asphixiation
omitted from the news' sanitisation
chalk another victim to desensitisation
the greatest threat to our world leaders is their own population

1. Francis Fukuyama's theory

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