No Blood For Oil

A compilation of contemporary anti-war songs by Australians

The Lyrics

Click on the track title to view the lyrics for that song. Lyrics will be added as they become available.

Oh My God

Shane Pullen

Faces In The Dark

Peter Hicks


The Hottentots

A Flash And A Bang

Mathew Wooley


Julie Levy

Peace In Our Time

Ian Paulin

Sail Away Ladies

The Peace Knickers String Band

I Know Now

Free Spirit Placenta

All For Love

Niall Fenix

War Song

Bernard Carney

Peace Is The Way

Jan Perigo

There Is No Time

Mike Raine

Double Speak

John Hughes

Oh No John

Tasmanian Grass Roots Union Choir

Nobody Should Have To Go Through This

Bruce Watson

International Cowboy

John Warner

No Blood For Oil

Jim Lesses

A Better World For You

Anthea Sidiropoulos

The Weaving

Paul Chalson with words by Sabri Samson

Advise Australia Fair

Duncan Chalmers

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