International Cowboy

By: John Warner

We say No!
We'll not be your nightriders,
We say no!
Whatever you might have planned,
We say no!
War is not the answer,
What part of our no don't you understand?

International cowboy,
Rogue state of the hour,
Dictating to us who we shall be,
Deaf to who we are

Raging at the universe,
Listening to none,
Spinning truth around your fingers
Like the sheriff's gun.

Axis of the evil,
Pivot point of war,
Poison, sickness, nuclear death,
From your rich men's factories pour.

The little men with badges
Might join you in your game,
Our leaders do not speak for us
If they say "Kill and maim."

We are the bushland flowers,
The stars in the desert sky,
Why should the men in grey decide
If we should live or die?

Nations will be nations,
However much you rage,
The world is not the USA
So make room on the stage

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