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What's New


Great new package deal for schools.

To encourage young musicians, and to better showcase the efforts of schools with well developed music programmes, JeeveS is now offering a very affordable deal to record school concert productions and produce CDs.


Sound Effects Competition

This month, JeeveS has launched a super sound effects competition where you can win a sound effect. There will be a prize each month, so enter now, and also check past winners.


JeeveS web site major revision published.

In a major revision of the look and feel of the site, the site has also been re-structured to better support the clients of our two divisions, the Corporate Services division which supports the business community, and the Music Services division supporting the performing arts.


Hearing even better.

Today, our studio took delivery of a pair of Mackie HR824 studio monitor loudspeakers, and a pair of Sennheiser HD580 precision headphones. Most of our clients will never hear these devices directly, but the superb clarity of the sound they reproduce will benefit all our productions. By enabling us to hear every nuance and any flaw in the sounds we process, we can assure even higher quality productions.


JeeveS web site launched.

JeeveS Audio Services launched their internet presence today. The Web site features technical details of how some of our projects were carried out.

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Whatever your audio needs, let JeeveS help you find a cost-effective solution.
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