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About Music Services

We are here to make the very best possible recording of your music. We will happily come to where you are performing. Vocal and acoustic instrument performances are our speciality.

We have state-of-the-art digital equipment to record your performance at better than CD quality. And we have the technical skills to get the best out of the equipment.

Unless you are a very experienced recording artist, just the knowledge that a microphone is turned on can really inhibit your performance. We are sensitive to these pressures. Our friendly, non-imposing approach will help put you at your ease and help you get the best out of your recording opportunity.


Just making a recording is only part of the story. We can prepare a CD master, organise artwork, attend to copyright and performing rights matters, and arrange production of your finished CD. You can get more information from the Australian Copyright Council, and from APRA / AMCOS.

And if you have a web site, we can help there too. Our experience with computers and the internet can get you up and running fast with wave files, MP3s, Windows Media and streaming technologies.

JeeveS Audio Services are the sound recording specialists. We have the skills and equipment to professionally capture and deliver your music. We are here to make your performance available for ever.

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Whatever your audio needs, let JeeveS help you find a cost-effective solution.
Jeeves Audio Services       ABN 244 922 738 10

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