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Why put sound on the internet?

  • A personalised greeting can give your web site a more human feel, breaking down the barriers that a hi-tech interface can engender.
  • A well placed sound effect can bring your product to life.
  • Sound samples may be an integral part of your product marketing. Samples of audio recordings aren obvious examples, but there are other products where hearing is important.
  • Product announcements and descriptions can be greatly enhanced by adding a voice commentary.
  • Instructions and training presentations can add emphasis by the use of the spoken word.
  • Once-off business events such as Annual General Meetings or financial announcements can economically be made available to a wider audience over a prolonged period.
  • Press or other public announcements can be reinforced and have their planned emphasis brought out by a vocal presentation.
  • Special greetings such as a Christmas or New Year can be effectively delivered internally through an intranet, or to trading partners using the internet.


Sound is one of the first senses we use. Even before we are born, we hear our mother's heartbeat. Sound can be a very subtle and very emotive force.

Sound is very powerful sense. Some would say more important than vision. You can close your eyes, but do you ever close your ears?

Technically, sound is easier to deliver than motion video, resulting in a Web experience that is snappier. This will help you to retain the attention of visitors to your site.

See the difference between streaming audio and streaming video over your internet connection.

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Whatever your audio needs, let JeeveS help you find a cost-effective solution.
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