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If you have an audio need, chances are we can meet that need. Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion. We have listed just some of the services we offer, so let us put together a package to meet your needs.


If you want professional, un-biased advice on any aspect of your business that involves audio, JeeveS can help:

  • Informal discussions
  • Workshop participation
  • Reviews
  • Project participation
  • Full investigations and formal reporting

Internet Support

Sound used inappropriately can drive people from your web site. But there are times when sound can be used to great advantage.

Has your organisation already invested in an audible logo? Like the ABC, or Toyota? If so, why aren't you using it on your web site?

Full motion video suffers compromised quality, even on cable internet connections. But streaming audio works well, especially linked to a slide show.

Capture your presentations and make them available over the internet for delivery time and time again, on demand:

  • AGMs, Financial Results and other public announcements
  • Product Announcements
  • Product Presentations / Demonstrations
  • Communications to staff
  • Executive Communications

Telephony Systems

For an answering machine greeting, or a full interactive voice response system, we can produce the voice recordings. Provide your own speaker, or let us organise the voice. We can get it right!

  • Scripting
  • Crisp, clean recordings
  • That professional "radio announcer" feel
  • The right inflections

Project Management

Let JeeveS take the load and fully manage your audio related project. We will work with your staff, your other suppliers, and if necessary call on the services of our business partners to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Conference Services

Working closely with our trading partners, JeeveS is able to offer comprehensive audio/visual services for conferences and promotional events.


Location Recordings

We can record at your chosen venue. This may be your office or boardroom, at a conference centre, or at any location of your choice.

For our corporate clients, this means we can capture your presentation live, with no other disruption to your busy schedule. You will appreciate how we can unobtrusively incorporate a recording into your activity.

The subtle use of our studio quality compression and equalisation equipment will help you to produce that "radio presenter" clarity and presence.


Multi-track recordings have to be mixed, normally to stereo, before they can be generally distributed. Recordings may need the addition of sound effects, or other musical components.

The digital clarity of CD recordings have raised standards and expectations. Our studio is fully equipped to keep your pristine recording in digital form at better than CD quality throughout the mixing and editing processes.

Our digital mixing console has full automation of all functions enabling complex mixing tasks to be performed with ease and repeatable precision.


Our state-of-the-art computer based editing system allows us to edit your recording to an accuracy of less than one thousandth of a second. So simply removing unwanted sections, or totally re-arranging the content can be achieved in a truly seamless manner.

Sound Manipulation

Today's studio equipment is capable of almost magical feats of sound manipulation. If you have a need, we can probably fulfill it. Ask us - we love a challenge!

Continuous background noise, such as the hiss of air conditioning, or the fans of overhead projectors can be removed quite successfully.

We can squeese or stretch a recording to exactly fit a desired time, without making you sound like a chipmonk or a troll.

Format conversion. We can convert material from one medium to another, convert digital audio to different resolution or sample rate, and produce a range of different computer file formats. The following table summarises some of these formats:

Analogue Digital PC Files
Video - U-Matic CD up to 24 bit
Video - VHS DAT up to 96k
Vinyl .WAV
Casette Mini-Disk .MP3
1/4" Tape .WMA
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Whatever your audio needs, let JeeveS help you find a cost-effective solution.
Jeeves Audio Services       ABN 244 922 738 10

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