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Reference Sites

United Energy Logo

JeeveS has been pleased to support United Energy in delivering its financial results presentations. Since February 2000, the annual and half-yearly financial results presentation have been recorded live in the UE Boardroom, and delivered with the slide show as streaming media.

Check out the presentations at UE's web site, then see how it was done.

Austin Healey 100

A rather unusual request was to record the sound of a vintage sports car starting after extensive restoration. A one-off audio CD was produced as a record of this historic occasion, and the recording can be heard on the restoration web site.

Listen to this recording at Larry Varley's Healey Restoration web site, then see how it was done.

wine bottle pop

An Australian wine producer requested the "pop" of a wine bottle being opened. This sound was to be added to the winery's web site to sound as the home page was opened.

Listen to this very short recording , then see how it was done.

music references

For reference music recordings, visit the Music Services reference pages

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