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Music For Colonial Dancing play a sample

Music For Colonial Dancing play a sample

Music For Colonial Dancing play a sample

The Nariel music group recorded music for the "Coronation Dance" which has been mixed into three versions for the musicians to audition.

VFMC logo Visit the VFMC

Victorian Folk Music CLub

Music For Colonial Dancing play a sample

JeeveS helped the Victorian Folk Music Club to re-publish some vintage recordings in CD format.

A selection of tracks from two earlier Cassette releases were chosen for a new CD publication. Stocks of the old cassettes were just about exhausted, and the club wished to ensure continued availability of these landmark recordings.

The original master tapes were found to be in a deteriorating state. One tape was un-recoverable, and the track involved was only available on the casette version. This track was digitally processed to remove tape hiss, and equalised to match the tone of the other tracks.

JeeveS assisted with the artwork concepts, and arranged graphic art for the CD covers.

The Victorian Folk Music Club were delighted with the comprehensive services provided and the eventual resulting CD.

QuadrilleManiaCD series Quadrillemania

Michael Crichton's interview of Peter Ellis about the CD set QuadrilleMania.

Cudgewa Gavotte

Recording of Ted Konig (piano) playing his own composition "Cudgewa Gavotte".

Gilbert and Sullivan
logo of Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Victoria

Recording of "Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Victoria productions".

JeeveS has recorded a series of the G&S productions, supplying CD recordings for the cast and crew, as well as selected excerpts for inclusion in the G&S web site.

The Australian Children's Choir

Recording of the choir's 2001 "ACClaim a Christmas Concert for the People" at Box Hill Town Hall.

In Dulci Jubilo

Personent Hodie


Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble

Recording of "B~Witching Concert" at St John's Church, Southgate

Sonata in D



Recording of "From Sacred to Spiritual", the choir's 2002 concert at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Oakley

Sicut Cervus

Chanson D'Amour


The Melbourne Irish Club's 2002 St Patrick's Day Ceili

Kerry Polkas

Walls of Limerick

Genevive Waltz

Seige of Ennis

Brian Venten

Folk musician and songwriter Brian Venten was supported by members of the Victorian Folk Music Club in recording these samples, one of his own compositions and one traditional.

Battlers of the Bush

Billycan Letters

Victoria Welsh Male Voice Choir

These recordings of the choir were made for inclusion in Peter Ellis' compilation "Take me back to Bendigo" Gold Rush to Federation and Beyond.

Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through The Night)

Pretty White Lillies

Herb Patten

Herb Patten is an expert in Aboriginal culture, singer, guitarist, and an expert player of the gum leaf.

Jackie Jackie

Bird calls(played on a gum leaf)

Londonderry Air(played on a gum leaf)

Gerry Hallam

During his 2002 Australian tour, English folk singer Gerry Hallam recorded live at the Ringwood Folk Club

With the Cattle

When the Queensland Sheds Began

Antonio Park Primary School

Recordings from the school's annual musical productions:

Clean up Australia - Currawong Creek (2001)

Sultanas in Pink Pyjamas - Kids at Sea (2002)

No Blood For Oil

A compilation of contemporary anti-war songs by Australians

Read the lyrics

Samples of recordings from this album:

By Bruce Watson:

Nobody Should Have To Go Through This MP3 format

Nobody Should Have To Go Through This Windows Media format

By Anthea Sidiropoulos:

A Better World For You MP3 format

A Better World For You Windows Media format

A Moving Feast

Humerous and thought provoking songs with insightful political and social comment

Samples of recordings from this album.

By Bruce Watson

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann

Samples of recordings from this album.

By members of the Melbourne Branch of the world-wide Comhaltas organisation, conserving the traditions of the Irish culture.

Are We There Yet?

Songs about children, with children and for anyone who has ever been a child.

Please note that no pussy cats were harmed in the making of this recording!

Samples of recordings from this album.

By Bruce Watson

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