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If you have an audio need, chances are we can meet that need. Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion. We have listed just some of the services we offer, so let us put together a package to meet your needs.


We are happy to advise on any aspect of the recording and associated processes.

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Many musicians have a favourite venue. It may be that the acoustics are great for your musical style - cosy and intimate or perhaps filled with presence and atmosphere. It may just be that you are comfortable there and confident of performing at your best. Whatever the reason, we are happy to meet you there.

We can capture your music with all the ambience of your favourite performance space. Studio recordings can attempt to impose a feeling of space and location to your performance by the use of artificial reverberation and delay, but none equals the real sound of a great church, auditorium or intimate club.

We have the sensitive microphones, specialist pre-amplifiers and digital recorders to capture your performance at better than CD quality.


The purest form of recording involves careful placement of a stereo microphone configuration, skillful adjustment of recording levels and an excellent performance. The resulting stereo recording can then be published without further intervention.

Sometimes, multiple microphones are used, with different instruments or voices on each. These can be mixed live to produce a stereo file, or recorded on a multi-track recorder for later mixing in a more controlled environment.

The digital clarity of CD recordings has raised standards and expectations. Our studio is fully equipped to keep your pristine recording in digital form at better than CD quality throughout the mixing and editing processes.

Our digital mixing console has full automation of all functions enabling complex mixing tasks to be performed with ease and repeatable precision.

CD Mastering

Making a recording is only part of the story. To do something with that recording may take a number of further steps.

A continuous recording of a live performance will need to be trimmed to define the start and finish points. You may even need to edit out excessively long applause!

Your production may need to be assembled from tracks recorded at multiple sessions. The tracks may not have been recorded in the sequence required. Adjustment of the relative volume of successive tracks may be required, and sometimes tuning of the tonal balance is necessary to give the overall compilation of tracks a cohesiveness - the feeling that they were meant to flow from one to another.

Our state-of-the-art computer based editing system allows us to edit your recording to an accuracy of less than one thousandth of a second. So simply removing unwanted sections, or totally re-arranging the content can be achieved in a truly seamless manner.

Once the recorded material is all ready, we can prepare a CD master. This step defines the final structure of your CD, including the labeling of tracks, and the lengths of the gaps (or for a live recording, the absence of gaps) between each track. Our CD compilation software gives us total control over all the CD parameters, producing master disks ready for full scale CD production.


CD Production

The unit costs of CD production vary dramatically depending on the quantity produced.

Small Quantities

If you need only a few copies of your CD, we can produce these in-house using CD recording technology. They are supplied with colour printed disk labels, and in plastic jewel cases with colour printed inserts.

Schools, Community Organisations and Performing Groups may consider the fund raising potential of recording their next musical production for internal distribution.

Retail Quantities

A full production run of CDs involves the production of a "glass master" from which the plastic disks are pressed. This relatively expensive step is offset as production quantities increase from a few hundred. We arrange CD production through the best local pressing plants.

We also have access to graphic artists experienced in the preparation of artwork for CDs, their cases and booklets.

And don't forget APRA and AMCOS:

  • The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS) collect royalty payments of behalf of the copyright owners of music you may be performing and recording. If your performance contains any material that you do did not write yourself, you must obtain a licence to do so.
  • You may join the Australasian Performing Right Association Limited (APRA) who will then collect royalties on your behalf every time your recording is performed in public.

Music Restoration

You captured that once-in-a-lifetime performance on video or casette. You have an old recording on tape or vinyl. And you'd really like to have it at CD quality...

With the magic of digital processing, amazing things can be done. The crackles and pops of old vinyl can be tamed. Tape hiss can be reduced. Quiet recordings can be lifted from background noise.

Provided you can assure us that you own or are licensed to duplicate the recording, we will be delighted to show you just how well your precious recording can be restored.

Format Conversion

We can convert material from one medium to another, convert digital audio to different resolution or sample rate, and produce a range of different computer file formats. The following table summarises some of these formats:

Analogue Digital PC Files
Video - U-Matic CD up to 24 bit
Video - VHS DAT up to 96k
Vinyl .WAV
Casette Mini-Disk .MP3
1/4" Tape .WMA

Internet Support

Full motion video on the internet suffers compromised quality, even on cable connections. But streaming audio works well, allowing even large examples of your music to be delivered over the internet without an interminable delay as the full file downloads.

If you have a web site, or are planning to establish one, we can help. Our experience with computers and the internet can get you up and running fast with wave files, MP3s, Windows Media and streaming technologies.

JeeveS Audio Services are the sound recording specialists. We have the skills and equipment to professionally capture and deliver your music. We are here to make your performance last for ever.

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Whatever your audio needs, let JeeveS help you find a cost-effective solution.
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